Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Meet the team behind the scenes. It takes more than just one person to help the magic come to life. This is a growing team of people who help point me in the right direction, keep me on the right track and tell what needs changing. Without the people around me there would be no way I could make this project a success.

Shaun Dowdall

Well thats me! The author and the random man with a head filled with ideas. There’s more about me over in the “About” section so head on over there if it’s me you want to know about!

Rosie Munro

Rosie Munro is the awesome mind behind the art of “A Thousand Hearts” She’s got great talent and above all else she has helped to drag character information from my stubborn mind. Each piece of her work continues to impress me and I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. Rosie great work outside of this project so be sure to check out some of it at the below link!

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