Another Smartphone OS

I find myself reading through the tech blogs and websites on a regular basis. It’s how I keep up to date with my job and I love it. However one thing coming or of MWC this year that I find relatively shocking is we are one again being treated to hands on demos of a new smartphone os from Mozilla.
Does the industry need another OS? Apparently it will be cheap and affordable but Android already does a good job at filling the low end market and windows phone 8 to some extent has begun to filter in. The industry is dominated by iOS and Android and there is very little wiggle room for anything else. In store windows phone struggles, with my customers often put off by the lack of apps.

If players such as Microsoft and BlackBerry are struggling to find their customer base then I really don’t see how Mozilla plan on having any impact on the market. Even if they can the next question is do we need another smartphone OS? What does that mean for the consumer? In theory it means potential lower prices due to competition and a large selection of features. In reality it means another set of apps being purchased through the market store and the chance of their new system meeting an untimely death (Im looking at you webos)

For me this isn’t the time for a new OS. Maybe in a couple of years as the big players potentially grow tired and stagnant but right now they are moving forward at such a pace and leaving no room for anyone else to play.

One response to “Another Smartphone OS

  1. I agree this isn’t the time for a new OS, but as Mozilla sees the success of Google’s attempt, they try to copy and grab a piece of the pie for themselves!

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